Our Mission 

GimpGoods was created by the founders of Special-T-Innovations, LLC.  A company that continues working to find solutions for Quads and other disabled individuals with various needs​.  

In order to provide a wide range of products designed specifically to your disability, we have paired up with other companies across the United States that share our mission.   We believe that this collaboration of expertise will lend to a convenient and empowering shopping experience.  

"In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity."

-Albert Einstein

Image by Zachary Kyra-Derksen

Why Choose Us



Each product is crafted with a specific disability in mind ensuring the best design, quality materials and an end result that will leave you feeling empowered.



Many of us in this industry are disabled ourselves.  We understand your challenges and are passionate about helping you find the right product.  Need some help?  Fill out a contact form or call us today!  We look forward to speaking with you. 


Shopping Experience

No more lengthy searches for reliable products to fit your specific need.  We have done it for you!  Start shopping our products now.